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Albas sailboats

The navigators of tomorrow


 Albas range

     There are 8 boats models:

             Four sloops

  ALBAS 35 height 70cm 27,5 inches. Swiming pool, pool.

  ALBAS 42 height 79cm  31,1 inches. Swiming pool, pool.

  ALBAS 52 height 98cm  38,5 inches. Pool, pond, bay.                                ALBAS 65 height127cm 50,0 inches. Pool, pond, bay.

              Two auric cutters

              ALBAS 67 height  96cm 37,8 inches

                  ALBAS 87 height 117cm 46,0 inches

                     Two Topsail boats

            Topsail sloop lenght 67cm  26.4inches

               Topsail shooner lenght 117cm 38inches

All models are light displacement boat.

Hull, keel, rudder, ballast and sails are optimized for speed.

Sloops are up to date design, auric cutter are vintage, top sail are XVIII century design inspirated. All include new naval design improvement.

Enjoy the most fantastic evolution of naval design for toys.

Pond yacht who kept charm wood and elegance of sails.

All the hull sculpted in paulownia wood.

Usual time handcraft

one or three weeks for sloop 35, 42, 52 or 65.

Four or five weeks for auric cutter 67 and 87.

Upon request for topsails


ALBAS are designed to be handled by the mast top, to avoid to bent above water.

Don't touch the sails or the rudder.

They are happy in pure or salty water.

You can put it on water or grass not on ground or concrete.

Don't let the boat in water after playing, dry it after each use.

Dream to incredible adventures learn each day from wind and water.

ALBAS are reduced models , they are not toy normed EN 71.

Good wind!

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