voilier Albas sous spinnaker

 Albas pond yacht    Sailors of tomorow

Albas innovations et performances 

ALBAS folows naval design improvements.

Lightening and expanding hulls.

Lowering the center of gravity.

Thin profiled keel and rudder.

Increase of the rig elongation.

Choice sails made with real spinaker fabric (polyamid), dacron (polyester) for auric cutters. 

Main sails and jibs are sewed in order to get a profil of aircraft aisle.

Spinacker gives aisles to your sea racer.

Inovation serve the game

Albas can head up on the win with their profiled keel and sails, ease out crosswind, run with spinacker.

They are proud of their waves.

voilier jouet

If the laws of hydrodynamics give them performance and aesthetics, they have not forgotten the practical side of the ancients.