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 Albas pond yacht                                       Tomorow sailormen

 Captain Albas from Paris

Capitaine ALBAS

I learned to navigate around the pounds, in an intuitive way, I guessed the principles that animate the sailboats.

Today I offer to your children the progress of naval architecture applied to toys yachts.

My target is to conceive the liveliest and speedy wooden boat at all point of sailing.

This agility gives kids the opportunity to learn how to navigate.

By what miracle do they go upwind or surf under spinnacker?

Thanks to game, Archimede and Newton are going to contemplate the progress of our childs.

The ocean beguin under your feet.

Bring your kids to take a look around a pound, their eyes will tell you the happiness of being captain.

Good wind to all sailormen!

 ALBAS pond yacht
43 ave Henri Ginoux
volier de bassin
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