Once upon a time, the pond yachts...

voilier de bassin
voilier Albas
joli jouet

Last century, with wind and water, the pond yachts meet their golden age. Toys that went by themselves  without batteries or electronic!

Sailling boats toys enter our collective uncousious and are still alive. In Paris at Luxembourg garden you can still hire them.

Adults where speaking records. Atlantic record has been established by Charlie Barr in 1905.

We should wait untill 1980 to be improved by Tabarly in 10 days an 5 hours.

In 2009 Pascal Bidegory break the record in 3 days and 15 hours.

This is to demonstrate the fluburgasting improvement of naval design since last 30 years.

The reason why I wanted my little children enjoy these performances with a better security. So I created ALBAS pond yachts.

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