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  Blue planet

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We do not live on earth, we live on the blue planet.

The first good of humanity is not earth, it is the oceans which represent 70% of the surface of the planet and 90% of our biosphere. The oceans are the unavoidable regulators of the climate.


The oceans are the first good of humanity. They provide the bulk of our oxygen and fresh water. They represent a reserve of overused proteins and underutilized carbohydrates.

The oceans are human deserts (without owners), so they separate people. Men are constantly gathering together by sharing the internet of information, which is transiting for 90% by sub-sea cables. If we have an object, it is because a boat carried it. The proof meanwile oceans separate human being, oceans link each other.

France is the 40th state by land area and the second maritime power by the surface of its exclusive economic zone.


The sea is therefore the first business of the earthlings. For a reality to enter the consciousness, you have to know it physically.

From ancient times the Greeks knew that the earth was round. The earthlings only feeling flat under their feet waited for the first world tour of Magellan to begin to integrate this truth in their activity.

Training the sailors of tomorrow in renewable energies is the beautiful ambition of the sailing pond yachts.

Most prospective studies give wind sails solutions for sea transport with a clear technical advantage: direct use without transformation or energy storage.

Economically, everyone guesses that this source of energy is "inexpensive".

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