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Sailor lexicon

This sail boat, starbord tack will bear away when turning right and go on wind turning left.

Bear away       : Change direction having the wind more back.

Alba               : White in latin.

Tack            : Side of the boat where the wind come.

Ardent            : A boat who come naturaly up the wind..

spreaders : Pièces who spread the shrouds.

Boom              : Kind of mast horizontal and articulated to hold the main sail.

Bout dehors   : Kind of horizontal mast on the foreward bow.

Cadène          : Metalic piece on the deck to fix the rig. 

Sheet           : rope used to open or close a sail.

Forestay        : rope to maintain the rig foreward..

Bow            : Foreward part of the hull.

Jib               : sail in front of the mast.

Rudder        :Usualy moving part under the hull to guide the boat. Fixed on ALBAS toys because there is                       nobody to moove it. .

Main sail   : Sail after the mast.

Haubans       : Rope which hold the mast beside.

Hook              : Metalic hook to hold a removable sail.

Largue          : Point of sailing, where the wind come back.

Head up         : Change direction having the wind more on the front.

Mast               : ALBAS sailing boat have a small apple on the top of the mast to ease their hold on.

Mou               : Se dit d'un bateau qui a tendance à abattre.

tack (sail)       : Part of the sail the most foreward.

Clew                : Part of the sail where the sheet is fixed.

On the wind      : Allure où le voilier avance à 45° contre le vent.

Keel                : Fixe the ballast and limite the lee way.

Taquet            : Deck equipment to fixe a rope.

Strecher         : deck equipment to adjust the sheet.

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