Renovate your sailboat

Do you want to renovate an old pond sailboats?

If possible improve its performance.

While retaining the essence of its genesis, we can consider enriching its potential.

Repair a broken rig, replace cotton sails with fabric sails with spinnaker.

The hull can also be optimized: the freeboard or the width can be increased. The maximum draft, the ballast replaced.

Get in touch with Captain Albas and he will suggest a solution shared with you.

Renovation of a Giraud Sauveur F27

Renovation of a NOVA N ° 4

A Devaux from the 1920s restored by Captain ALBAS.

Length 136 width 20cm wt 5.5kg

T HUGUETTE: a pretty bit of a cut-out girl.
Hull length 52, HT 65, width 11.5 feet 2.2Kg