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Topsail sloop

Overall length 67cm, hull length 46, width 14cm, height without keel 60cm, draft with keel 23cm. Weight 1.40kg

Hollow, decked paulownia wood hull, bulwark with 8 ports.

Sloop rig with two square sails (removable in navigation).

Weighted keel for navigation, dismantled on display. In the breeze, the arrow can whitdraw instantly.

Sails in spinnaker fabrics. Wood support.

Red roof, 4 cleats for adjusting the sails, steering wheel, rowboat on aft davits, 2 jas anchors, 1 windlass, 1 bell, 8 metal cannons on a wooden lookout, grating, water pump, bow and boat decorations. bronze stern.

Name of your boat engraved on the transom and bracket.

Captain ALBAS freely interpreted an 18th century topsail sloop to make the toy seaworthy and efficient.

Custom topsail sloop

  • colissimo 3 days in France, 1 week in Europe

  • 5 to 6 weeks

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